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Home Demolition as Collective Punishment

Demolishing the homes of relatives of Palestinians who harmed or attempted to harm Israeli civilians or security personnel is prohibited collective punishment, and is one of the most extreme measures used by Israel. Over the years Israel has demolished hundreds of homes, leaving homeless thousands of people who had done no wrong and were not suspected of any wrongdoing. It is an immoral and unlawful policy. The fact that the High Court of Justice has upheld it does not make it legal, rather, it makes the justices accomplices to the crime.

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House Demolitions, 2004

During the last four years, Israel has demolished homes in the Occupied Territories on an unprecedented scale:
House demolition for alleged "military need," demolition of houses built without permits, and the demolition of houses as punishment.…

2008 Annual Report

B'Tselem's annual report surveys a wide range of Israeli human rights violations in the OPT in 2008, until Operation Cast Lead. As house demolition and lack of law enforcement on violent settlers continued, Israel largely refrained from holding…