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From the field

Interactive Map

  • Area A
  • Area B
  • Area C
  • Built-up Area (Palestinian)
  • Regional Conuncil Jurisdictional Area (Settlement)
  • Area Within Municipal Boundary (Settlement)
  • Built-up Area (Settlement)
  • Military Base
  • The Green Line
  • Jerusalem Municipal Border
  • Completed Barrier
  • Barrier Under Construction
  • Approved Barrier Route
  • Route Requiring Further Approval
  • Voided Barrier
  • Agricultural Gate in Separation Barrier
  • Tunnel Entrance, Underpass or Sunken Road
  • Last Checkpoint before Israel
  • Internal Checkpoint, Intermittently staffed
  • Internal Checkpoint, Permanently staffed
  • Roadblock (Hebron)

B’Tselem Map: The West Bank and the Gaza Strip

The map provides information on Palestinian communities, Israeli settlements, checkpoints, the Separation Barrier, agricultural gates in the Barrier, and more. Hundreds of reports and video segments that B’Tselem gathered in recent years are displayed by location.

How to use the map

  • Click on “legend” at the bottom of the screen for symbol explanations.
  • Click on the numbers to access reports and video segments. The circled numbers indicates the number of items linked to the location; they are not indication of the extent of human rights violations in that particular area or of a particular type of violation.
  • Use topic menu on the left to view reports and video segments by topic. For example, selecting “Beating and abuse” will clear the map of all items not related to that topic. Selecting “All” will restore full display.
  • Use the search box on the left to find a specific town, community or settlement.
  • Click the layers button on the left to toggle normal view and aerial photo display or to hide layers of the map.