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From the field

A Routine Founded on Violence

Israel’s control over roughly five million Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip manifests itself in different ways in their lives. They daily face organized, ongoing state violence, some of it overt, more often hidden. Since Palestinians have no political representation in the Israeli institutions that govern their lives, the potential for arbitrary use of force – physical or administrative – against them is virtually unrestricted. The result is harassment and abuse sometimes for no apparent reason, sometimes based on barely plausible security grounds.

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Shooting, injury, and damage to a dead body – the price of Israel’s policy of holding bodies

On Sunday morning, 23 February 2020, at around 6:00 A.M., soldiers fired live rounds and a missile at two Islamic Jihad operatives east of ‘Abasan al-Jadida in the southern Gaza Strip. The military claims the operatives had attempted to plant…

Just the tip of the iceberg:

The pages below are an exhumation, digging up the past. For each year since 1989, we brought an account of a single instance in which soldiers killed, injured or beat a Palestinian. The account of each incident presents the testimony we collected at…