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The Occupied Territories and International Law

International law is meant to provide a modicum of protection to people who are otherwise defenseless. While Israel is subject to international law in its actions in the Occupied Territories, it relies on convoluted legal argumentation to circumvent these duties. The result is dispossession, oppression, abuse and killing. This harm is made possible by a hollow, formalistic interpretation of rules expressly designed to avert such injuries. Instead of adopting international law as its moral compass, Israel cynically uses it as a manual for systemic human rights violations. 

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Medical crews assaulted, care for wounded man disrupted, and patients terrorized during police raid of al-Makassed Hospital in East Jerusalem

On the afternoon of Friday, 21 July 2017, at around 3:40 P.M., scores of Israeli police officers raided al-Makassed Hospital in East Jerusalem seeking to apprehend a critically wounded Palestinian, Muhammad Abu Ghanam. Clashes ensued when the police…

The Annexation That Was And Still Is

B'Tselem's Position paper: As part of normalizing ties with the United Arab Emirates, Israel has decided not to officially annex the West Bank as yet. De facto, it annexed the West Bank long ago, treating the area as sovereign Israeli territory…