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The Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip is in the throes of a manmade humanitarian disaster. Experts say that unless there are significant changes, Gaza will become unlivable in 2020. This is a direct result of Israel’s official policy, which continues to determine daily life in Gaza. Israel could change this policy and significantly improve quality of life in Gaza. It could also persist in its callous, indefensible policy which sentences the nearly two million residents of the Gaza Strip to a life of abject poverty in near inhuman conditions.

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Israeli soldiers fire at Palestinian protesters by perimeter fence, northern Gaza, 29 Dec. 2017

On 29 December 2017, Israeli soldiers fired live ammunition and teargas at Palestinian protesters near the Gaza perimeter fence in the northern Gaza Strip. The demonstration was part of a wave of protests that followed the statement made by U.S.…

Whitewash Protocol

In the summer of 2014, Israeli security forces killed 1,391 people, including 526 minors, who did not participate in the fighting. The report describes how Israel creates the false appearance of investigations into alleged breaches of law during the…

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