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No Accountability

Accountability for human rights violations is crucial to justice and the rule of law. Israel shirks this responsibility when it comes to its actions in the Occupied Territories, instead putting in place systems which do no more than offer the semblance of law enforcement, in both criminal and civil law. Those responsible go unpunished and victims are denied compensation, apart from rare exceptions that merely serve to reinforce the illusion of a functioning law enforcement system. Not only does the lack of deterrence and oversight enable human rights abuse, it also facilitates the continuation of the occupation itself. 

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Israeli military violently harasses Palestinian family at home, in area of Hebron ostensibly under PA control

Hanaa (39) and Jamal (49) Karamah live with their six children – Jamil (20), Jannah (19), ‘Othman (16), Baraah (13), Muamen (10) and Tasnim (5) – in Wadi Abu Katilah, in the northwestern part of the city of Hebron. The neighborhood is located in…

Position Paper: Turkel Commission 2nd Report

Six months after the Turkel Commission’s issued its report on Israel’s investigative policy of alleged violations of laws of war, B’Tselem published a position paper on the report. While the commission held that Israel fulfills its obligation to…

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