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Demolition of houses near the Separation Barrier, Far'un Village, Tulkarm District

On 31 January 2008, the Civil Administration delivered to two homeowners in Far'un, a village south of Tulkarm, notice that orders had been issued to demolish their houses, which lie clos...
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Welcome to Bir Nabala

The town of Bir Nabala, next to Jerusalem, is trapped in an enclave of the Separation Barrier. A residential suburb of East Jerusalem since the 1970s, Bir Nabala enjoyed relative prosperi...
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The Prohibition Game

A short animated film by Alon Simone gives a lighthearted treatment to a serious subject: the devastating impact of Israel's permit regime for Palestinian farmers with land across the ...
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B'Tselem to Judge Advocate General – order security forces to stop firing tear-gas grenades directly at people

Last Friday, 17 April, during a demonstration in Bi'lin, in the Ramallah District, a soldier fired a tear-gas grenade from an increased distance at Bassem Ibrahim Abu Rahmeh, 30. The gren...
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Life in a Cave – southern Hebron Hills, 2007

The Rashid family lives in a cave in the village of Haribat a-Nabi in the Southern Hebron Hills – right next to the Separation Barrier. The family made a video tape to introduce Israelis...
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Olive Harvest of Ibrahim Shatareh Goes to Waste, 2005

Ibrahim Shatareh , who lives in 'Azzun Village, has two olive orchards on the other side of the fence. Elderly and ill, Shatareh is unable to work his land. The IDF does not permit labore...
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Military Police to investigate firing of rubber-coated steel bullet at unarmed demonstrator in Bil'in

Update: On 1 Jan. 2012 the MAG Corps informed B'Tselem that the case would be closed with no indictment. On 3 March 2013 B'Tselem appealed the Corps’ decision. Following a letter from ...
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Abd al-Karim Khaled waited four months for a permit to get to his greenhouses, 2006

Greenhouses owned by Abed-el Carim Kahaled were neglected for four months, until he received a permit to go through the gate in the barrier. As a result, the crop was 50% of its size in p...
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'Abd a-Latif 'Odeh Must Go 22 Kilometers to Reach Farmland Next to His House, 2005

The farmland of 'Abd a-Latif 'Odeh, of D'aba Village, lies adjacent to his home. The separation barrier was built between his home and his parcel of farmland. To get from one to the other...
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Dharifah Shareb Waits Next to Locked Gate, 2005

The house of Dharifa Shareb was once part of Jayyus Village . The separation barrier surrounds her house on all sides. To go to and from their home, she and her family must pass through a...