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Khirbet 'Ein Karzaliyah resident talks about recurrent demolitions since early 2014

Nihad Bani Maniyah, 40 I come from a family of farmers in Aqraba. I married Zuheir Bani Maniyah 23 years ago and came to live with him, here, at Khirbet 'Ein Karzaliyah. My husband is from a family of

Testimony: Life without running water in the Jordan Valley, suffer from severe water shortage, April 2011

Testimony of Meyasar Masa’ed, 56 I married in 1969 and went to live in Khirbet Yarza in the Jordan Valley. We’ve lived ever since. We also have a house in Tubas where our sons live, and we use it for

Testimony: Exploitation of Palestinian laborers working in settlements in the Jordan Valley, November 2010

I live in al-Jiftlik. I finished high school last year and began to study at al-Quds Open University in Nablus. To finance my studies, I have been working as a seasonal agricultural laborer. There is

Testimony: Effects of Israeli restrictions on the "Jericho Resort Village", May 2011

Riad Hamad, Manger I am manager of Jericho Resort, which is owned by Jericho Motels. The village was built at an investment of nine million dollars put up by Palestinians and was opened in January 199

Testimony: Teacher from Jordan Valley tells of daily delays at a checkpoint on his way to and from school in Northern West Bank, April 2011

Khairi Suaftah, Teacher I live in Bardala. I have a bachelor’s degree in political science from al-Quds Open University in Tubas. After I completed my studies, I took a job as a teacher at the school

Testimony: Farmers in al-‘Uja can’t work their land due to dried-up spring, September 2010

I am a Beduin from al-Jiftlik. I’m a member of the Sa’eydeh tribe. In 1930, my family settled in a-Zur, on the western banks of the Jordan River, where they grazed their flocks and engaged in farming.

Testimony: Soldiers severely beat four Palestinians on a trip to the Dead Sea, holding them for an entire night, April 2009

Update: On 3 August 2009 OC of MPIU Jerusalem District informed B'Tselem that after the complainants refused to provide testimony to the MPIU, the investigative procedure of the complaint would be dis

Testimony: Soldiers severely beat four Palestinians on a trip to the Dead Sea, holding them for an entire night , April 2009

Mahmoud Taqatqah, quarry worker Last Thursday night [2 April], after work, I called my friends who work with me in the quarry in Beit Fajjar: Muhammad Mahmud Diriyah, Saleh Mustafa Taqatqah, and Majid

Testimony: Settler shoots shepherd near the Shademot Mehola settlement, seriously wounding him, September 2007

Saleh Daraghmeh, shepherd Since I was a child, I have been wandering from place to place in the Jordan Valley with my sheep and cattle, looking for grazing land. For the past four months, I have staye

Soldiers confiscate identity card of Palestinian for remaining in the Jordan Valley without a permit, February 2006

Ra'id Sawaftah , father of five I am a resident of Tubas. For more than a year, I have been working as a plasterer in the village 'Ein al-Baida, where I stay with my mother's brothers, who live in the