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House Demolitions, 2004

During the last four years, Israel has demolished homes in the Occupied Territories on an unprecedented scale: House demolition for alleged "military need," demolition of houses built wit...

IDF demolishes home of the 'Arada family in the Tulkarm Refugee Camp, April 2004

Fakhri 'Aarda, owner of demolished house, aged 62 I lived in a four-story building in the Tulkarm refugee camp. Each floor was seventy-five square meters and contained two rooms, kitchen , bathroom, a

IDF demolishes home of the al-'Aaraj family in al-Wallaje, March 2004

Zakaria al-'Aaraj, owner of the house, aged 46, resident of al-Wallaje, Bethlehem District On the morning of Thursday, 11 March 2005, five days after soldiers arrested [my son] Hatem, at 2:00 A.M., I

IDF demolishes home of Abu Sha'ira family in al-'Aza Refugee Camp: February 2004

'Itaf Abu Sha'ira, aged 33, resident of al-'Aza Refugee Camp, Bethlehem District I was married to Hassan Muhammad Hassan Abu Sha'ira. My husband killed a GSS agent on 14 June 2001. He met with the age

IDF bombing of house kills Nuha al-Maqadmeh in al-Burej Refugee Camp, March 2003

Shuqri al-Maqadmeh, victim's husband, age 40, resident of al-Burej refugee camp. I am the husband of Nuha (33) and we have ten children, six boys and four girls: Majid (17), Jamil (14), Nissim (12), S
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B'Tselem to IDF Chief of Staff Ya'alon: Adopt the Recommendation to Stop House Demolitions

Punitive house demolition is a severe violation of international humanitarian law. The Committee appointed by IDF Chief of Staff, Moshe Ya'alon to study the army's policy on house demolitions has reco
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B'Tselem marks twentieth anniversary with a heavy heart: almost 8900 Israelis and Palestinians killed in the conflict

Today (Sunday, Nov 22nd), Israeli human rights group B'Tselem commemorates 20 years since its founding with release of data collected by the organization from 1989-2009. This period includes many of t
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40,000 Palestinians Collectively Punished after Har Adar Attack

On Tuesday, 26 September, Nimer Mahmoud Jamal, 37, from Beit Surik carried out an attack in the settlement of Har Adar, killing a Border Police officer and two settlement security guards: Sgt. Solomon
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Collective punishment in Jabal al-Mukabber: Jerusalem Municipality served some 40 demolition orders

Roadblock on al-Madares Street. Photo by Hussam ‘Abed, B’Tselem, 9 Jan. 2017 On Sunday 8 January 2017, 28-year-old Fadi al-Qunbar – a resident of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukabber –
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Demolition of attackers’ family homes – government policy of vengeance against innocents continues with High Court approval

Apt. of Mu’awiyah Abu al-Jamal, his wife and their three children, destroyed by security forces in the demolition of the unit previously occupied by Nadia Abu al-Jamal, Ghassan Abu al-Jamal’s widow. P