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Military closes main entrance to two Hebron neighborhoods for six days

On 4 May 2017, the Israeli military extended the fence it installed in 2012 at the main entrance to the Gheith and a-Salaimeh neighborhoods in Hebron. The fence was fitted with a single g...
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Gaza - an inside look: Tunnel youth, 2009

Since the siege was imposed on Gaza, the tunnels in Rafah have been almost the sole commercial artery for Gazans. All kinds of commodities are transferred through them, from food, medicin...
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Gaza - an inside look: Summer Games, 2009

In the summer of 2009, children in Gaza City took part in "Summer Games," sport and cultural events that were organized by the UNRWA. They played soccer, put on plays, studied sculpture, ...
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Occupation routine in Hebron: Soldiers harass teachers and children at school

The Ziad Hamuda Jaber Elementary School for Boys is located in the Wadi a-Nasarah neighborhood of Hebron, about 50 meters from the road leading to the settlement of Kiryat Arba. Approxima...

Faten Nawabit, a high school teacher who moved to Burqah following her marriage, relates how hard it is to visit her family outside the village, and how the situation in the village affects her students

Faten Nawabit in her classroom. Photo: Iyad Hadad, B'Tselem, 1 April 2014 My family is from the village of Rantis. I was born in Kuwait because my father worked there, but we moved back to Rantis in 1

Lana Kan'an, a 21-year-old student talks about the stifling feeling that comes of living in Burqah, a village surrounded by settlements and cut off from access roads

I live in Burqah. We are a family of ten: my parents, three sons and five daughters. My father is an educated man. He has a Master’s degree in engineering and he values education, so he made a real ef

Testimony: Siege prevents reconstruction of schoolhouse partially destroyed in Operation Cast Lead, February 2010

Saed a-Sultan, principal In August 2009 I became the principal of the Abu J'afer al-Mansur Elementary and Middle School for Boys, which is comprised of grades six to nine. The school was built in 1994

Testimony: Israel expels university student from Bethlehem to Gaza two months before she completes studies for a degree, October 2009

Berlanti ‘Azzam, Student Since I completed high school, I wanted to study at Bethlehem University because I heard it was a good university with a high academic level. In 2005, I was accepted as a busi

Testimony: Imprisoned in Gaza, Mayada Mhana cannot complete her media studies in Cairo, July 2008 

Mayada Mhana , Student I am working temporarily as a teaching assistant at the Islamic University in the city. In 2003, I obtained a BA in press and media studies from the same university. After gradu

Testimony: Rasha Abu Sha'ban is registered at a Scottish university but is not allowed to leave Gaza, July 2008

Rasha Abu Sha'ban , Student I have two married brothers, one studying in Gaza and the other in Britain, and two sisters at home. Last summer, I completed my studies at the Islamic University in Gaza a