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Press Release

B'Tselem strongly condemns execution of two Palestinians in Gaza Strip

B'Tselem strongly condemns the execution today of two Palestinians convicted of collaboration with Israel, by the Hamas government in Gaza. The death penalty is immoral and violates the basic right to
Press Release

B'Tselem Urges Arafat Not to Approve Executions

A week and a half ago, the Palestinian State Security Court sentenced Walid Mahdiya and Amin Khafalah to death on charges of collaboration. Yesterday, the Palestinian State Security Court imposed the
Press Release

B'Tselem condemns the two executions carried out by the Palestinian Authority yesterday in Nablus and Gaza

B'Tselem opposes any governmental authority's use of the death penalty under any circumstances. The fact that in these cases the defendants were not accorded a fair trial, had no effective opportunity
Press Release

B’Tselem strongly condemns executions of individuals suspected of collaborating with Israel

According to media reports, armed Hamas operatives killed over twenty Palestinians in the Gaza Strip for allegedly collaborating with Israel. Images of the executions were published in the media. Acco

Death Penalty in the Palestinian Authority and Under Hamas Control

International law does not ban the death penalty. It does, however, put stringent restrictions on implementing it, and encourages states having the death penalty to revoke it. Accordingly, the Interna

1 Sept. ’10: Palestinian Authority must investigate actions of its forces during dispersal of demonstration

On Wednesday, 25 August 2010, members of a new organization of Palestinian political parties, independent activists, and civil society movements attempted to hold a conference at the Protestant Club i

27 Nov. '08: Palestinian Authority court imposes death sentence on man convicted of collaborating with Israel

On 12 November 2008, the Palestinian military court in Bethlehem sentenced Ayman Ahmad ‘Awad Dagharmeh to death. The court found him guilty of treason for passing information to Israeli security force

4 August '08: Violent confrontations between Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip and in the West Bank

13 months after Hamas's takeover of the Gaza Strip, violent confrontations between Palestinian groups there and in the West Bank have broken out once again. The recent escalation in violence began wit

6 Dec. 2007: Palestinian police disperse demonstrations in the West Bank , killing one person and injuring others

On 26 and 27 November, while the Annapolis Conference was taking place in the United States , Palestinians in the West Bank held protest marches and demonstrations opposing the conference. According t