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Maryam Abu Yusef from a-Nuseirat R.C. describes coping with power and water shortages in Gaza

Maryam Abu Yusef at the family grocery store. Photo: Khaled al-'Azayzeh, B'Tselem, 13 August 2017 We’ve been suffering water and power outages for years. There was a long period when we used to receiv

Testimony: Life without running water in the Jordan Valley, suffer from severe water shortage, April 2011

Testimony of Meyasar Masa’ed, 56 I married in 1969 and went to live in Khirbet Yarza in the Jordan Valley. We’ve lived ever since. We also have a house in Tubas where our sons live, and we use it for

Testimony: Farmers in al-‘Uja can’t work their land due to dried-up spring, September 2010

I am a Beduin from al-Jiftlik. I’m a member of the Sa’eydeh tribe. In 1930, my family settled in a-Zur, on the western banks of the Jordan River, where they grazed their flocks and engaged in farming.

Testimony: Gaza Strip resident relates her family's difficulties due to polluted water, April 2010

Su'ad Kasab, 52, mother of four I live with my husband and our four children - Ashraf, 22, Faten, 18, Dunia, 15, and Halimah, 14 - in a three-room house in the a-Shati' neighborhood in the northwest s

Testimony: Aminah Jabarin has trouble running her household because of water shortage, May 2008

Aminah Jabarin , mother of nine I am a homemaker and have nine children. I take care of their studies, food, clothes, and cleanliness. I take special care of the small children. They play with friends

Testimony: The Bani 'Odeh family lives without running water in, Tammun, May 2008

Firyal Bani 'Odeh, 48/> I was born in Tammun and live here with my husband and eight of our twelve children. My husband built our house about 28 years ago, when he had a good job. The house has two fl

Water shortage in Yatta, Hebron district, summer 2005

Muhammad Hamamdeh, Water supervisor of the Yatta municipality I live in Yatta and have been in charge of the municipality's water system since 1974. I maintain the water system and am responsible for

Water shortage in a-Sfai al-Fuqa in the Southern Hebron Hills, December 2004

Su'ad Makhamra, mother of ten I live with my husband and two of our children in a cave in a-Sfai al-Fauka. Five of our children, three girls and two boys, live in a house that we have in Yatta , where
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B'Tselem report indicates most West Bank wastewater is improperly treated, endangering the Mountain Aquifer

In its report Foul Play: Neglect of Wastewater Treatment in the West Bank, published today (Sunday, 28.06.2009), Israeli human rights group B'Tselem warns about the danger inherent in neglecting waste
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Not Even A Drop

B'Tselem Publishes New Report: "Not Even a Drop - The Water Crisis in Palestinian Villages Without a Water Network" Some two hundred thousand Palestinians living in 218 West Bank villages are not conn