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Plowing season 2018, Ramallah District: Settler violence serves Israel

Settler violence against Palestinians – resulting in death, injury and property damage – has long since become part of daily life under occupation in the West Bank. In some cases, soldier...
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Civil Administration plans to expel tens of thousands of Bedouins from Area C

For updates on the topic click here The Civil Administration (CA) is planning to expel the Bedouin communities living in Area C in the West Bank, transferring some 27,000 persons from ...
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No Ground to Stand On, 2011

The Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea area contains the largest land reserves in the West Bank. The area covers 1.6 million dunams, which constitute 28.8 percent of the West Bank. S...
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Some 1,000 olive trees uprooted to build bypass road on ‘Azzun village land

Video: Civil Administration forces uproot olive trees on ‘Azzun village land. Filmed by Abdulkarim Sadi, B'TselemOn Sunday, 15 January 2017, laborers began uprooting olive trees and level...
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Batan al-Hawa in Silwan: The next target for “Judaization” in East Jerusalem

Batan al-Hawa, a neighborhood in the heart of Silwan, is the setting for the most extensive expulsion scheme in recent years in East Jerusalem. The Ateret Cohanim settler association, bac...
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Settlers vandalize property as revenge for stone throwing, 2014

On 4 Dec. 2014 two settlers were driving near Wadi a-Nasara checkpoint when a Palestinian youth threw stones at them. They got out of the car and attempted pursuit. Footage by a B’Tselem ...
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Detention of Palestinians who complained of trespassing settlers, 2013

On 24 April 2013, as has been a frequent occurrence of late, settlers from Giv’at Gal came onto the privately owned land of the Zaro family, of Hebron. The landowners called the police to...
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Bedouin community near settlement faces expulsion, 2012

Israel's Civil Administration is planning to relocate some 27,000 Bedouins living in Area C in the West Bank. At first, some 2,300 people will be expelled from their homes near the Ma'ale...
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Harvesting a Storm, Hebron, 2006

Hashem al-'Aza, one of the last remaining Palestinian residents of Tel Rumeida, set off to harvest his olive trees. The settlers, who view his property as their own, came to stop him. ...
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Introduction: The "quiet transfer" in Hebron, 2007

Hebron is the only Palestinian city with a Jewish settlement at its heart. To enable a few hundred settlers to move about freely, Israel chose to enforce a formal policy of discrimination...