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From the field

Excessive Force: Human Rights Violations during IDF Actions in Area A

December 2001, Summary


This publication contains three reports that B'Tselem prepared on IDF incursions into Area A, which is under complete Palestinian Authority control:

  • Beit Jala, 6 May 2001 - analyzes the first entry of IDF forces into the town of Beit Jala, Bethlehem District. The incursion lasted several hours, during which the soldiers wounded five Palestinian civilians, including a five-year-old boy and a twelve-year-old girl. The Israeli troops killed one member of the Palestinian security forces, who was affiliated with Fatah, and wounded six Palestinian security personnel. Israeli casualties amounted to one soldier who suffered light wounds. The report examines the acts of the IDF troops and the Palestinian security forces and their legality under international humanitarian law.
  • Beit Rima, 24 October 2001 - discusses the IDF action in Beit Rima, Ramallah District. IDF troops entered the village to arrest persons suspected of having committed acts against Israel, primarily the suspects in the assassination of Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze?evi. During the action, Israeli forces killed five members of the Palestinian security forces and wounded six Palestinians, one of them a civilian. The report focuses on some of the human rights violations IDF soldiers committed in the village, among them unlawful shooting, delaying medical treatment, and demolishing houses.
  • Bethlehem Area, 19-28 October 2001 - covers the IDF incursion into the Bethlehem area, during which IDF forces shot and killed fifteen Palestinians, eleven of them civilians. The report concentrates on the legal aspects and consequences of the IDF gunfire. The document describes the circumstances surrounding the deaths of several of the civilians and the damage to property resulting from the soldiers? fire.