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From the field

Acts of revenge and harassment in Kafr Qadum: Israeli soldiers were documented vandalizing car tires and firing tear gas canisters at a residential building

On Saturday, May 30th, at around 5 PM, a number of Israeli soldiers were documented in Kafr Qadum vandalizing the tires of a parked car and firing tear gas canisters at a home. The soldiers, filmed by the security cameras of village residents, were present during the weekly demonstration the residents of the village have been holding since 2011 against the closure of the village's eastern exit, from which the road to Nablus runs through the extension of the settlement of Kedumim. The house at which the tear gas was fired belongs to Murad a-Shteiwi, one of the leaders of the protest in the village, while his wife and their five children were at home.

These acts of harassment are not unusual: a B’Tselem investigation found that since the beginning of April, Israeli soldiers shot at 24 water tanks on roofs of houses in Kafr Qadum, some of which they targeted more than once. In some homes the water tanks were vandalized three or four times within a month and a half. The investigation found the soldiers purposely fired at the water tanks, and as a result the residents lost hundreds of liters of water and will now have to buy expensive new water tanks, costing NIS 500 each.