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From the field

B'Tselem data, one month after the Sharm Summit

B'Tselem has compiled the total number of people killed in Israel and the Occupied Territories since February the 8th 2005, the date of the Sharm el-Sheikh summit. During the month since the announcement by Israel and the Palestinian Authority of the cessation of violent actions:

  • 6 Palestinians were killed by Israeli security forces, 3 of whom were minors. Of those killed, 3 did not participate in hostilities when killed. In addition, two Palestinians died during this period of wounds inflicted by the Israeli security forces before the Sharm summit.
  • One Palestinian minor was killed by an Israeli civilian.
  • 5 Israeli civilians were killed by a Palestinian, in a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.

In comparison, during the month of January 2005, 52 Palestinians, 10 Israeli civilians and 2 members of the Israeli security forces were killed. In December 2004, 60 Palestinians, one Israeli civilian and 6 members of the Israeli security forces were killed.