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From the field

Protest against water shortage

Two Leading Israel Singers Together with Dozens of B'Tselem Supporters Met Today with Hundreds of Residents of Bet Furiq Village in the West Bank to Protest the Water Shortage and Israeli Discrimination.

During the protest, some 30,000 liters of water from tankers and bottles were distributed to the residents, who then hosted the singers and supporters in their homes. The event was one of several activities B'Tselem has organized in its effort to eliminate the discrimination and water shortage in the West Bank.

In their comments about the event, the singers stated, in part:

Yahali Sobol: "Everyone who participated clearly felt how intolerable the situation is. I hope that someone in the government will get down to work and ensure that the people attain one of their most basic rights."

Dana Berger: "It hurts that I live thirty minutes from here and do not know what is happening or how to help. I did not believe that people live like this until I came here and saw the distress of people living without water."


Bet Furiq, located in the Nablus District, has eight thousand residents. The village, like some 180 other Palestinian villages in the West Bank, is not connected to a water system, so its residents are compelled to purchase water at exorbitant prices. These 180 villages contain some 300,000 residents, about twenty percent of the West Bank's Palestinian population.