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October 2021

Photoblog: Settler attack on Khirbet al-Mufaqarah

On the afternoon of 29 Aug. 2021, dozens of settlers raided the community of al-Mufaqarah in Masafer Yatta, attacking residents and homes and vandalizing property. The attack, which was one of the most severe and vicious recalled by residents, injured several villagers, including a toddler whose skull was fractured. Soldiers who came to the scene fired tear gas canisters at residents of the community, many of whom suffered gas inhalation. Only after about an hour did the settlers leave the area and move to the nearby village of a-Tuwani, where they attacked a house with stones and injured residents trying to defend it. In the past year, settler attacks in Masafer Yatta have intensified as part of Israel’s policy of expelling Palestinians and taking over their land. Read more