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17 December 2018

Settlers, in view of Israeli soldiers, stone ambulance en route to Palestinian patient in Tel Rumeidah, Hebron, Nov. 2018

On 17 Nov. 2018, a 72-year-old resident of Tel Rumeidah, Hebron, called an ambulance when she did not feel well. After coordination with the military, the ambulance set out, but was attacked by 15 settlers. They threw stones at the ambulance, penetrating the back windows, and verbally abused the crew. Settler violence against Palestinians in Hebron is routine. It is part of Israel’s discriminatory regime of separation in the city and is rarely investigated. Without deterrence, these attacks are bound to recur.

13 December 2018

#Occupation365 - Updates from the West Bank routine, 24 Nov. 2018 - 7 Dec. 2018

Every day, Israel determines what the lives of Palestinians in the West Bank will look like – while they, themselves, are barred from taking part in decisions that shape their present and their future. Israel uses its power in a violent, arbitrary fashion, with blatant disregard for the safety, wellbeing and quality of life of the Palestinians who live under its control.

12 December 2018

Israeli Border Police seize 6-year-old in Hebron, drag him to a checkpoint, and hold him for an hour

"The policemen took me into Abu a-Rish Checkpoint (the Pharmacy Checkpoint) and kept me shut in a room there for about an hour. I cried and the soldiers cursed me. Then they put me into a white car. I heard the other boy who was arrested with me asking a woman soldier where they were taking us, and she answered, ‘To prison.” From the testimony of Zeid Taha, 6 years old, who was detained in Hebron by Border Police.

12 December 2018

B'Tselem mourns death of newborn baby delivered after mother seriously injured in shooting attack near Ofra

B'Tselem expresses its deepest sorrow over the death of the newborn son of Shira and Amichai Ish-Ran, who was delivered in his mother's seventh month of pregnancy after she was gravely injured in a shooting attack carried out by a Palestinian near the settlement of Ofra. The father and five other people were also injured. B'Tselem sends its deepest condolences to the family and wishes the injured a full and speedy recovery. Deliberate attacks against civilians undermine basic human, moral and legal rules and are acts of abominable, deplorable and despicable nature.

11 December 2018

Lethal shooting in Tulkarm: Israeli soldiers fatally shoot Muhammad Habali (22) in the head from 80 meters away

On the night of 4 Dec. 2018, some 100 soldiers invaded Tulkarm. At 2:25 A.M., three Israeli soldiers headed towards some young Palestinians who were standing by a restaurant. At 80 meters away they stopped and opened fire, fatally hitting Muhammad Habali (22) in the head – from behind ­­– and injuring another man. Testimonies and CCTV footage from four cameras show that, contrary to the military’s claim, the area was peaceful at the time. While the military announced it would investigate, this usually serves appearances and to silence criticism, so use of lethal force can continue unchecked.

10 December 2018

Violence not limited to settlers: Israeli military raids Palestinian village of ‘Urif 3 nights in a row

About a month ago, soldiers raided ‘Urif for 3 nights in a row. For years, the village has suffered attacks by settlers with the backing, and at times active support, of the military. The soldiers entered 14 homes, kept the inhabitants confined, ransacked the houses and intimated residents. Soldiers invading Palestinians’ homes in the dead of night, waking entire families, has long since become part of the routine imposed by the occupation regime in the West Bank. These actions, clearly intended to intimidate the population, are unjustified and are but one more example of the military’s arbitrary abuse of its power.
10 December 2018

B’Tselem and Al-Haq receive 2018 Human Rights Award of the French Republic

B’Tselem Executive Director Hagai El-Ad at French Republic 2018 Human Rights Award ceremony: Hysterical Israeli government response illustrates reality of propaganda, lies, and threats B’Tselem operates in; we will act with determination to end the occupation

6 December 2018

Olive harvest, 2018: Israeli settlers injure Palestinian farmers, harm trees and steal olives

The olive harvest was once a joyful time for Palestinian families. Yet for many years now, it has been taking place under the shadow of landgrab, restrictions on access to land, attacks on harvesters and vandalization of trees. This reality, which forces farmers to abandon their lands, is no accident. It is the outcome of Israeli policy, facilitating the takeover of land to expand settlements or advance other Israeli interests. This year, B’Tselem recorded 2 physical assaults on harvesters and 9 cases of vandalization or crop theft in the Nablus and Ramallah Districts.

6 December 2018

Border Police escorting settlers invading al-Mazra'ah al-Qibliyah land fire at residents who clashed with them, killing two and wounding seven

On Friday, 26 Oct, 2018, dozens of settlers tried yet again to invade an archeological site on land belonging to the village of al-Mazra'ah al-Qibliyah, escorted by security forces, as they have done over the last few months. They soon retreated, but clashes between the forces and residents continued. Later, when the forces began to leave, several dozen young men from the village ran after them. When they got close, at least one Border Police officer fired at them, wounding nine, two of whom died afterwards. Settlers frequently invade Palestinian-owned land with security forces’ backup. Yet the lethal outcome of this incident is unusual and defies every letter of the open fire regulations.

5 December 2018

Human Rights groups Al-Haq and B’Tselem to receive the French Republic 2018 Human Rights Award

Palestinian and Israeli human rights groups al-Haq and B’Tselem, both of whom advocate an end to the Israeli occupation, are among five laureates of the 2018 Human Rights Prize of the French Republic, endowed by the French Prime Minister. This year’s prize is awarded to organizations that are being harassed or pressured for defending and promoting human rights.