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8 August 2006

Almost half of July Gaza fatalities did not take part in hostilities

In July, the Israeli military killed 163 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, 78 of whom were not taking part in the hostilities when they were killed. Thirty-six of the fatalities were minors, and 20 were women.

3 August 2006

Suspected War Crime in Qana

On Sunday, 30 July 2006, the Israeli air force bombed a residential building in the village of Qana, in southern Lebanon , thereby causing the death of tens of Lebanese civilians who were in the building at the time.

24 July 2006

High Court errs in denying petition against separation barrier around Ariel

The High Court accepted without challenge all the state's arguments, though they were refuted in court. In doing so, the High Court granted, once again, a cloak of legality to Israel 's improper policy.

22 July 2006

Lebanon and Northern Israel

International Humanitarian Law requires protection of civilians from the harms of war. B'Tselem calls on the government of Israel to respect the principles of IHL and on the international community to ensure that all parties respect these same principles.

20 July 2006

Soldiers used Palestinians as human shields in Gaza

B'Tselem investigation indicates that Israeli soldiers used Palestinian civilians, including minors, as human shields during the military operation in Beit Hanun.

12 July 2006

Killing of 9 family members in Gaza: Grave suspicion of a war crime

The Israeli air force bombed a residential building in Gaza city before dawn on July 12, killing a couple and 7 of their children, the youngest a 4-year old boy. The IDF stated that the building was a hideout for senior operatives of the Hamas military wing.

11 July 2006

Appeal to Israeli High Court: Stop the harm to the civilian population in Gaza

On July 11, 2006, six human rights groups petitioned the Israeli High Court demanding that the crossings in Gaza be opened to allow for the steady and regular supply of fuel, food, medicine, and equipment, including spare parts needed to operate generators.

9 July 2006

Two years after the ICJ ruling: Most of the Barrier route still inside West Bank

Two years ago the International Court of Justice, ruled that building the barrier inside the West Bank violates international law. Since then, changes were made in the route, but around 80% of it is still located within the West Bank.

3 July 2006

Revocation of residency of Hamas members from Jerusalem is illegal

Following revocation of their residency status, the four officials will have their identity cards taken from them and will be forbidden entry to Jerusalem . The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits the occupying power from forcibly transferring civilians from their homes.

3 July 2006

Supersonic booms: Prohibited collective punishment

The Israeli Air Force is intentionally causing supersonic booms over Gaza in order to harass the population. This means, which is particularly harming children, is a form of collective punishment, outlawed by international humanitarian law.