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14 May 2006

High Court approves racist amendment to Nationality Law

The amendment severely infringes the right to family life, separates couples, and detaches parents from their children.

9 May 2006

Testimony: Border Police officer beats Palestinian at checkpoint, injuring him

The youth arrived at the police station to file a complaint, but ended up being detained by the police on a counter complaint filed by the officer.

1 May 2006

Apologies aren't enough - the IDF must investigate the death in Tulkarm

The circumstances under which 'Itaf Zalat was killed in Tulkarem raise the grave suspicion that Israeli security forces acted as if they were conducting an assassination rather than an arrest operation.

30 April 2006

The government approved re-routing of the Separation Barrier

Even in its new, amended, route, the barrier in the Ariel-Kdumim area will severely infringe upon the human rights of thousands of Palestinians who live nearby, only to allow for the annexation of 15 Jewish settlements as well as huge swaths of land for their future expansion.

30 April 2006

Reinstating cancelled barrier "through the back door"

A 41km-long concrete barricade Israel is building in the suthern Hebron hills, will further isolate over 3,000 Palestinians living in 18 cave-villages southeast of Route 317, who are dependent for basic supplies and services on the town of Yatta .

26 April 2006

Israel obligated to respect rights of Gaza residents

Israel continues to assert decisive control over many aspects of life in Gaza, and therefore bears the legal obligation to respect the rights of Gaza residents.

24 April 2006

Firing Qassam rockets on civilians

Thirteen civilians, five of them minors, were killed by Qassam rockets that Palestinians fired into Israel and at Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Authority has the duty to prevent attacks against Israeli civilians.

24 April 2006

Revocation of residency of Palestinian parliament members is illegal

East Jerusalem is an integral part of the Occupied Territories , so its Palestinian residents are protected by the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits the occupying power from forcibly transferring civilians from their homes.

17 April 2006

Nine people killed in Tel-Aviv bombing

Attacks aimed at civilians undermine all rules of morality and law.

16 April 2006

Petition to the high court: Reducing "safety zone" in shelling of Gaza strip is manifestly illegal order

Israeli and Palestinian human rights organizations petitioned the High Court, demanding that the army revoke the order that reduces the safety zone of shells fired into the Gaza Strip to only 100 meters from civilians.