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1 September 2005

New video: Southern Hebron Hills - Life in the shadow of settler violence

Daily life of the cave residents in the Southern Hebron Hills in the shadow of settler violence and army abuse.

1 September 2005

High Court Petition against law denying Palestinians compensation

On 1 Sept. 2005, nine human rights organizations petitioned the Israeli High Court against a new law that denies compensation to Palestinians harmed by Israeli forces.

25 August 2005

IDF chief of staff orders inquiry into the killing of five Palestinians in Tulkarm

The revelation that the five Palestinians who were killed in an IDF operation in Tulkarm Refugee Camp were unarmed, based on B'Tselem's field research, strengthens the grave suspicion that execution of Palestinians has become a norm among the security for forces.

7 August 2005

Human Rights Organizations Warn of Possible Wave of Settler Attacks

Israeli human rights organizations have called on the Israeli government to take the necessary steps to protect Palestinians in case of an escalation in violence by Israeli civilians during and after disengagement.

6 August 2005

B'Tselem report: Israel responsible for Gaza even after disengagement

One Big Prison, a report by B'Tselem and HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual, argues that even after disengagement, the government cannot avoid its responsibility for Palestinians living in Gaza.

6 August 2005

Disengagement and the settlers

Evacuation of the settlements is necessary to rectify the human rights violations and breaches of international law.

4 August 2005

Knesset Enacts Racist Law

On 27 July 2005, the Knesset amended the Nationality Law. The amendment restricts the family unification of Israeli citizens and residents (including residents of East Jerusalem) and Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories . The law does not apply to Israelis who apply for a legal status for their foreign spouse who does not live in the Occupied Territories

1 August 2005

Construction moves forward on Barrier around Ma'aleh Adumim

The Barrier around Ma'aleh Adumim and the adjacent settlements will encompass 74,000 dunums, and will further restrict the freedom of movement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians between the northern and southern portions of the West Bank.

1 August 2005

Testimony: Water shortage in the Southern Hebron Hills

In the town of Yatta, running water is supplied to residents for only one week during the whole summer. In the nearby villages, there is no running water available at all.

13 July 2005

July 13 2005: Netanya blast kills Israeli civilians

B'Tselem strongly condemns the attack in the Netanya Mall, in which four Israeli women were killed and many were injured. The bombing comes after a long period during which no Israeli citizens were killed in attacks inside Israel.