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29 March 2005

New Report: One Big Prison

For the past four and a half years, Israel has severely restricted freedom of movement to and from the Gaza Strip. These restrictions further strangled the Gaza Strip, so much so that the area resembles one gigantic prison. The report warns against Israel's attempt to avoid its responsibility toward residents of the Gaza Strip following disengagement.

7 March 2005

B'Tselem Data, One Month after the Sharm Summit

B'Tselem has compiled the total number of people killed in Israel and the Occupied Territories since February the 8th 2005, the date of the Sharm el-Sheikh summit.

6 March 2005

No Legal Settlements

Following publication of Sasson report on illegal outposts, B'Tselem reiterates that all settlements are illegal and must be removed.

6 March 2005

Testimony: Settler kids in Hebron throw stones injuring a Palestinian woman

"They began to throw stones at my house, shattering a windowpane in the children's room. The window faces the settlers' houses. My children were at home at the time but were not in their room…"

1 March 2005

B'Tselem publishes updated map of the Separation Barrier

The map allows a comparison of the new route approved by the Israeli government with the previous route.

26 February 2005

Tel Aviv blast kills Israeli civilians

B'Tselem strongly condemns yesterday's attack in the Tel Aviv promenade, in which many civilians were killed and injured.Attacks aimed at civilians undermine all rules of morality and law. Specifically, the intentional killing of civilians is considered a "grave breach" of international humanitarian law and a war crime. Whatever the circumstances, such acts are unjustifiable.

23 February 2005

Barrier route updated

Despite some improvements, the updated route of the Barrier will continue to cause extensive harm to the human rights of many Palestinians.

17 February 2005

Defense Minister orders halt to punitive house demolitions

Last week it was reported that an IDF committee recommended that the IDF end its use of punitive house demolitions. B'Tselem called on the military to immediately adopt this recommendation.

17 February 2005

B'Tselem calls on the PA to abolish the death penalty

On Feb. 17, 2005, B'Tselem called on Abbas to commute the death sentences and abolish the death penalty.

10 February 2005

IDF freezes massive house-demolition plan for Rafah

On 10 February 2005, Ha'aretz reported that the IDF decided to freeze its plan to dig a trench and demolish houses.