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4 April 2006

Police officers assault boys in Jerusalem

On March 12, 2006, plain-clothed police officers assaulted two children, ages 15 and 11, who were on their way home in the neighborhood of Abu Tor in East Jerusalem . The officers beat the two boys and took the older one to a police station where they abused him severely. The family has filed a complaint.

20 March 2006

Israeli appeals court voids section of the Separation Barrier in Jerusalem

The Tel-Aviv Magistrate's Court held that the planned route of the barrier, which cuts off the Sheikh Sa'ed neighborhood from the rest of its village, causes disproportionate harm to the daily lives of the residents.

2 March 2006

Israel plans to imprison five Palestinian villages near Jerusalem in an enclave

Israel plans to run a barrier around five Palestinian villages northwest of Jerusalem , and imprison them in an enclave that will separate them from East Jerusalem and neighboring Palestinian villages.

13 November 2005

High Court questions the ban on family reunification

High Court President Barak demanded that the State provide more detailed information to prove its claim that family reunification facilitates terror.

4 August 2005

Knesset Enacts Racist Law

On 27 July 2005, the Knesset amended the Nationality Law. The amendment restricts the family unification of Israeli citizens and residents (including residents of East Jerusalem) and Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories . The law does not apply to Israelis who apply for a legal status for their foreign spouse who does not live in the Occupied Territories

1 August 2005

Construction moves forward on Barrier around Ma'aleh Adumim

The Barrier around Ma'aleh Adumim and the adjacent settlements will encompass 74,000 dunums, and will further restrict the freedom of movement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians between the northern and southern portions of the West Bank.

6 June 2005

HCJ freezes building of the barrier in Dahiyat al-Barid

The High Court of Justice issued an interim order suspending work on the barrier in Dahiyat al-Barid, north of Jerusalem, until further deliberation of the petitions against it .