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21 December 2006

High Court approves cutting off a-Ram from East Jerusalem

On 13 December 2006, the High Court of Justice rejected the petition filed by the organizations Bimkom and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel against the section of the separation barrier that severs the Palestinian community a-Ram from East Jerusalem and impacts the daily lives of a-Ram residents. The barrier's route in this area was chosen for political, and not security, reasons

28 November 2006

Interior Ministry denies status to children of East Jerusalem residents

The Nationality and Entry into Israel Law, as amended in 2005, discriminates against children of Palestinian residents of Israel and denies them basic rights. Hamoked and B'Tselem call on the Knesset to repeal the Law.

26 November 2006

High Court approves Bir Nabalah enclave

9 high court justices approved the route of the barrier in the area, and ruled that imprisoning the villages in an enclave does not cause disproportionate harm to their residents.

3 July 2006

Revocation of residency of Hamas members from Jerusalem is illegal

Following revocation of their residency status, the four officials will have their identity cards taken from them and will be forbidden entry to Jerusalem . The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits the occupying power from forcibly transferring civilians from their homes.

28 June 2006

Israel tightens siege on Sheikh Sa'ed

Since an Israeli court cancelled construction of the Separation Barrier between Sheikh Sa'ad and Jerusalem, Border Police harassment of the villlage has intensified.

30 May 2006

Illegal to revoke residency of members of Hamas from Jerusalem

The Interior Minister, Roni Bar-On, sent letters to a minister in the Palestinian Authority and to three legislators in the Palestinian Legislative Council, all members of Hamas, informing them that if they do not resign their positions within thirty days, he will revoke their permanent-resident status.

14 May 2006

High Court approves racist amendment to Nationality Law

The amendment severely infringes the right to family life, separates couples, and detaches parents from their children.

24 April 2006

Revocation of residency of Palestinian parliament members is illegal

East Jerusalem is an integral part of the Occupied Territories , so its Palestinian residents are protected by the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits the occupying power from forcibly transferring civilians from their homes.

4 April 2006

Police officers assault boys in Jerusalem

On March 12, 2006, plain-clothed police officers assaulted two children, ages 15 and 11, who were on their way home in the neighborhood of Abu Tor in East Jerusalem . The officers beat the two boys and took the older one to a police station where they abused him severely. The family has filed a complaint.

20 March 2006

Israeli appeals court voids section of the Separation Barrier in Jerusalem

The Tel-Aviv Magistrate's Court held that the planned route of the barrier, which cuts off the Sheikh Sa'ed neighborhood from the rest of its village, causes disproportionate harm to the daily lives of the residents.