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22 May 2006

Call for investigation into killing of civilians in targeted killing in Gaza

The circumstances of the incident raise the grave suspicion that the attack was disproportionate. Attacks of this kind are defined as a war crime.

1 May 2006

Apologies aren't enough - the IDF must investigate the death in Tulkarm

The circumstances under which 'Itaf Zalat was killed in Tulkarem raise the grave suspicion that Israeli security forces acted as if they were conducting an assassination rather than an arrest operation.

16 April 2006

Petition to the high court: Reducing "safety zone" in shelling of Gaza strip is manifestly illegal order

Israeli and Palestinian human rights organizations petitioned the High Court, demanding that the army revoke the order that reduces the safety zone of shells fired into the Gaza Strip to only 100 meters from civilians.

10 April 2006

Israel bears legal responsibility for the death of a girl in Gaza

The harm to the Ghiben house, the death of Hadil and the injury to the rest of the household are the direct result of the reduction of the "safety zone" and Israel's policy to fire into residential areas

5 April 2006

B'Tselem to the IDF: Make open-fire regulations public

The request follows publication of an IDF report that verifies human rights organizations' repeated claims that the regulations are unclear.

7 March 2006

Targeted Killing in Gaza: Grave Suspicion of a War Crime

Three bystanders were killed in an israeli air force attack in Gaza, all of them minors. B'Tselem requested the Judge Advocate General to order a Military Police investigation into the attack, which may be a war crime.

28 February 2006

Suspicion that Israel has classified areas near Gaza perimeter fence as "killing zones"

Since the disengagement from the Gaza Strip was completed, in September 2005, IDF soldiers have killed nine unarmed Palestinian civilians who were in the area of the Gaza perimeter fence. Five minors, including an eight-year old child, were among the nine persons killed.

20 February 2006

New video - Lethal Ambiguity

A new video by B'Tselem features Israeli combat soldiers talking about the IDF's rules of engagement for using lethal force. The video shows that the orders given to soldiers are vague, and generate a culture of excessive force and little accountability for the many civilian deaths that result.

29 December 2005

Creation of "Death Zone" in northern Gaza Strip is illegal

An o rder to open fire at any person present in a particular area in the northern Gaza Strip, if indeed given, is a flagrant breach of International Humanitarian Law.

21 November 2005

Soldiers shell house with residents still inside, setting it on fire

On the night of 23 October 2005, soldiers fired gunshots and missiles at a house in the Nur Shams refugee camp, near Tulkarm, without first warning the occupants to leave. The shelling caused a fire to break out, while residents, including small children, were still inside.