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6 September 2018

Settlers and military continue their joint assaults on the village of ‘Urif with impunity

The village of ‘Urif, southwest of Nablus, has suffered from attacks by settlers from Yitzhar and its outposts. Since March, B'Tselem has documented six such attacks, some cases with the active participation of soldiers, as well as the seizure of private land, These actions seek to de facto annex the land to the settlements. As a result, Palestinians lose not only their land but also their livelihood. The consistent behavior of the security forces shows total disregard for Palestinian lives, safety, and property.

5 August 2018

Settlers destroy 2,000+ Palestinian-owned trees and vines, backed by Israeli authorities

From 1 May to 7 July 2018, B'Tselem documented 10 cases in which settlers destroyed 2,000+ trees and vines and burned a barley field and hay bales in the West Bank. Some of the farmers have suffered repeat attacks. Despite this upsurge, settler violence is routine and fully backed by Israeli authorities: soldiers take part in some assaults and stand by in others; the police do not seriously investigate or act to prevent or stop attacks. Israel benefits from this gradual dispossession of Palestinians, which paves the way for a state takeover.

27 June 2018

Soldiers joined settlers assaulting Palestinians in ‘Urif, shot at residents, and beat several with rifle butts

On 2 June 2018, after settlers assaulted a shepherd aged 71 just outside the village of ‘Urif, clashes erupted with local residents. Soldiers who arrived on the scene joined the settlers, throwing stun and teargas grenades, firing “rubber” bullets, and beating several Palestinians with their rifle butts. This incident is not exceptional: such attacks take place routinely, with the full support of senior officers and government ministers, and no effort is made to stop or prevent them.

9 May 2018

Plowing season 2018, Ramallah District: Settler violence serves Israel

Settler violence against Palestinians has long since become a part of life under the occupation. During plowing season, the military uses a “coordination system” supposedly meant to allow Palestinians to access their farmland, with soldiers there for protection against settlers. B’Tselem’s research of the season this March in Ramallah District reveals that, as in past years, settlers assaulted Palestinian farmers. In some cases, soldiers were present and did nothing, and in others they joined in. In this way, Israel removes Palestinians from their land, paving the way to land grab.
3 May 2018

Partners in crime: Settlers attack Palestinians in 'Einabus with soldiers' assistance

On 6 March 2018, some 30 settlers coming from the direction of Yitzhar attacked two Palestinian men working on ‘Einabus village land. After the two escaped, the settlers retreated and returned with soldiers, entering into mutual stone-throwing with residents rallied on the village loudspeaker. The soldiers joined the assault with live fire, “rubber” bullets and teargas. Six residents were injured. Such attacks, which keep Palestinians away from their land, are part of the occupation routine, which Israel exploits to grab more land.

16 April 2018

Yitzhar settlers assault residents of Palestinian village of ‘Urif; soldiers stand by, later fatally shoot a resident and injure a 14-year-old boy

On 10 Mar. 2018, 20-30 settlers accompanied by three armed soldiers came from Yitzhar to ‘Urif village land. The settlers and villagers exchanged stones, and the soldiers fired crowd control measures and live ammunition at the Palestinians. After the settlers left, the soldiers remained and villagers threw stones at them. One soldier shot and killed ‘Omayr Shhadeh, 19, and injured a boy of 14. This is another instance in which soldiers protected settlers who enter Palestinian land and throw stones at local residents, while Israeli authorities consistently do not enforce the law in such cases.

27 March 2018

Feb. 2018: Ten settler attacks in Nablus District after fatal stabbing by Palestinian near settlement of Ariel

In two of the incidents B’Tselem documented, settlers injured Palestinians and in one they killed and injured sheep. This is part of the violent routine of occupation in the West Bank. Israeli security forces are often on site during such incidents yet do nothing to stop them, and sometimes even take part in the attack. The authorities rarely take action against the perpetrators. This policy leaves Palestinians defenseless and effectively barred from many parts of the West Bank, for fear of assault, enabling the state to take over land and resources.

27 February 2018

Adding insult to injury: Israel officially recognizes Gilad Farm settlement outpost after turning blind eye to land seizure and harassment of Palestinians there for 15 years

On 31 Aug. 2018, the Israeli government approved a “new community” on land seized by the settlers at Gilad Farm. The settlement now occupies some 45 hectares of land belonging to residents of the surrounding Palestinian villages. The retroactive approval of settlements on various pretexts, including the killing of a resident, in no way changes their illegality. All the settlements, whether recognized or unofficial, violate international law and violate the human rights of Palestinians in the West Bank.
1 February 2018

Israeli settlers from Havat Gilad settlement outpost pelt Palestinian homes in village of Far’ata with stones. No arrests were made

Following an attack in which Palestinians killed Raziel Shevach near Havat Gilad on 9 Jan., settlers threw stones at cars and homes in the area. The military then barred Palestinian traffic along a section of Route 60 for 3 weeks. The day after the attack, Havat Gilad settlers threw stones at homes in Far’ata, breaking windows. No one was arrested. These repeated settler attacks undermine the sense of personal security of local residents, who are constantly at risk of attack. The complete lack of accountability teaches settlers they may attack Palestinians with impunity.

17 January 2018

Dispossession in the northern Jordan Valley: New settlement outposts as part of the land grab process

Israeli settlers living in new settlement outposts established in the northern Jordan Valley are using violence and threats to take over the pasturelands of longstanding Palestinian communities. The settlers act as the state’s criminal arm in pursuit of the state goals of dispossessing Palestinians in the Jordan Valley of their land and entrenching Israeli control in the area.