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Say no to the transfer! March 2018





Dear friends,

It’s happening right now, every day: Israel is trying to displace thousands of Palestinians who live in about 200 farming-shepherding communities throughout Area C of the West Bank. Dozens of these communities face imminent expulsion, and others are subject to various forms of abuse, violence and dispossession.

Now is the time to act. Get your friends to take action against the transfer.
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It is a crime to transfer the protected residents of an occupied territory from their homes, regardless of whether the transfer is accomplished by brute force or by making residents’ lives so unbearable that they leave, ostensibly of their own accord. Forcible transfer is prohibited and constitutes a war crime.

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Israel’s strategy is to forbid Palestinians from constructing either private or public buildings. It also denies them the option of connecting to running water and electricity, and keeps them from paving roads. In some communities, Israel has demolished homes as well as infrastructure set up by the residents – such as solar panels for generating power, water cisterns and access roads. In addition, the military holds training exercises on the pastureland and farmland of some communities, and even in the midst of the residential area. This is a form of ongoing state violence aimed at minimizing the number of Palestinians in the West Bank, concentrating those left in population centers and dispossessing residents of their land and property – in order to make more land available for settlements and achieve conditions that will make it easier to officially annex Area C (unilaterally or in a future agreement).

Add your name to say no to transfer

In many cases, pressuring Israeli authorities has prevented, or at least deferred, implementation of their plans. Public criticism – domestic and international – can help these Palestinian communities stay on their land and can save their homes from demolition. Israel does not wish to pay the price of bad PR. We can raise the price.  Together, we can stop the transfer.

Add your name to say no to transfer

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