We were playing marbles when about ten police officers dressed in black showed up. When I saw them, I got scared, and I hid the marbles under a chair that was under the window of my uncle's house, which is next to ours. One of the officers came to see what I was hiding and shoved me in the chest. I nearly fell, but my cousin caught me. Another officer came and grabbed my leg to scare me. They took my marbles with them. One of the officers asked me who the marbles belonged to, and I said they were mine. He kept asking me why I was throwing marbles at them and who was throwing marbles at them. My cousin and I were standing there alone, with all the officers around us, and we were very scared. My father came, went up to the officers and started talking to them. He took me away from there, but the officers took my marbles with them. I'd paid ten shekels for the marbles, bought them with my own money, and they didn't give them back.”
From the testimony of A.R., 10 years old

When we went into the police station, one of the policemen searched us, violently, and swore at us as he was doing it. He told us to spread our legs like a ruler and used very foul expressions like "asshole", "motherfucker", and "I'll fuck you". Then they took us back up to the top floor for questioning. I was the second one to be questioned. It took about half an hour or an hour. After they finished, they fingerprinted us and took our pictures. They told me to confess and that then they'd take me home, and that my friends had testified against me.”
From the testimony of ‘A.R., 13 years old

A police officer named Fares made us stand facing the wall, and kicked our legs hard until we spread them apart. Then he beat us and spoke to us very rudely. He said: "Do you want me to fuck you?" When I said no, he asked: "Have you ever been fucked?" I said no, and he kept asking: "Do you want me to fuck you some other time?" I turned around and said: "If you want to for yourself". He said: "I'm going to punch you now so hard it'll flatten your face". Then he searched our bags, and when he checked mine, he threw in on the floor and said: "Pick it up like a dog". After the search they had us stand facing the wall again and asked for our parents' and siblings' names, our addresses and other personal information.”
From the testimony of M. Q., 13 years old

Batan al-Hawa : A Threatened Existence
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