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تحديثات من الميدان

Don't impose closure for the Passover holiday

B'Tselem calls on Israel not to impose a closure for the Passover holiday

All three religions are currently observing holidays - 'Id al-Adha, Passover and Easter. B'Tselem calls on the government of Israel to enable people of all faiths to celebrate their holidays with dignity, rather than imprisoning the Palestinian population while Israeli Jews celebrate their feast of freedom.

Israel regularly imposes an hermetic closure on the West Bank and Gaza Strip during Israeli holidays. Such closures prevent all Palestinians from entering Israel or East Jerusalem, and from traveling between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. By seriously restricting Palestinians' freedom of movement, the closure impairs their ability to earn a living, maintain family ties, study and receive medical treatment.

While Israel is obligated to ensure the safety of its citizens, it cannot do so by means of collective punishment of over 2.5 million Palestinians. B'Tselem calls on Israel not to impose a closure on the Occupied Territories for the Passover holiday.