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From the field

Board Members

  • Chair: David Zonsheine, Senior high-tech executive for the past twenty years. Active in business development and works at integrating Arab society into Israeli high-tech. Initiated the iChange plan for increasing the number of Arab faculty members in the scientific disciplines in Israeli universities. Writes op-eds and literary reviews for Israeli daily Haaretz.
  • Thair Abu Rass, Political science PhD candidate, University of Maryland.
  • Smadar Ben Natan, Attorney and political activist. Specializes in human rights and criminal law. A founding member of Gun-Free Kitchen Tables, a feminist project aimed at minimizing the number of guns in the public sphere.
  • Ido Blum, Attorney, partner at a law firm specializing in administrative and public law. 
  • Ron Dudai, Sociologist. His research interests are human rights, political violence and punishment; is co-editor of the Journal of Human Rights Practice.
  • Elias Khouri, Attorney in private practice who specializes in real-estate law and administrative law.
  • Menachem Klein, Prof. of Political Studies, Bar Ilan Univ., specializing in Israeli-Palestinian relations and the dual-national reality of East Jerusalem. Promoted Geneva Initiatives; advised PM Barak and Foreign Minister Ben Ami at Camp David 2000.
  • Vered Madar, Academic folklorist; teaches at the Keshet School, Jerusalem.
  • Ibitsam Mara'ana-Menuhin, Arab-Israeli scriptwriter, film director, film and television producer and media figure. Owner of a private business for film and education productions, and lecturer at the Photography Department of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.
  • Orly Noy, Left-wing Mizrahi activist, writer and editor on the web-based blog magazine +972, translates Farsi poetry and prose into Hebrew.