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Israeli soldiers carry out puzzling actions in a Hebron home, August 2017

27 Sep 2017

On 9 Aug. 2017 Kifaya al-Ja’bri, 12, was awakened by knocking at the door of her home in the al-Muhawel neighborhood, Hebron; the Giv’at Ha’avot settlement was built nearby. She opened the door to find about 20 soldiers with a dog. The soldiers came inside, gathered the family in one room and searched the house. Ayat al-Ja’bri, 33 - Kifaya’s sister and a B’Tselem volunteer - filmed the soldiers, including dialogue indicating they were trying to plant something in the house and deliberately keeping her away. After the soldiers left, the al-Ja’bris unsuccessfully tried to find the concealed item. The IDF Spokesperson said nothing was planted in the home.

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