Workers from the Territories

Najah al-Katnani, 55, a mother of nine from Gaza City, describes being cut off from her family in the West Bank

Testimony: Exploitation of Palestinian laborers working in settlements in the Jordan Valley, November 2010

Soldiers abuse and humiliate Palestinian laborers who tried to enter Israel, and steal their property and money, a-Ramadin

Police detain Palestinian laborers in a meat truck, denying them air and water for over two hours, May 2009

Border policemen beat and abuse laborers who try to enter Israel without a permit, May 2009

Border Police beat laborers from Sa'ir severely, Jerusalem area, March 2009

Border policemen beat Muhammad Hamamrah and Maher Mahmoud, Tsur Hadassah, 11 January 2009

Policemen beat Shadi Sabatin during interrogation, September 2008

Border policemen beat Mukaram Ahmad near 'Azzun 'Atmah when he tries to enter Israel, May 2008