Human shields

Policemen disguised as stone throwers assault Firas al-Atrash in East Jerusalem, beating him severely, October 2009

Soldiers beat Adham Zaweita at his place of work, a chicken coop in Zawata, Feb. '09

Border policeman beats Majdi ‘Alan and threatens to shoot him, a-Sheikh Sa’ed Checkpoint, East Jerusalem, 23 January 2009

Soldiers occupy the Kasab family’s house, beat family members and detain the father and three sons, Jan. '09

Army forces neighborhood residents from their homes, Jan. '09

Police beat Khaled Jaradat and Ahmad Darawish in Jaffa, 4 Jan. '09

Soldiers Killed and injured dozens of persons from a-Samuni family in a-Zeitun neighborhood, Gaza, 4 Jan. '09

‘Arafat family flees from their home in 'Abasan al-Jadida following Israeli air force bombing, 1 Jan. '09

Police beat Muhand Basilah in Magistrate's court, Jerusalem, Dec. '08

Policemen and paramedic abuse Palestinian beaten by mob in Jerusalem, Oct. '08