Obstacles to Human Rights in the Holy City
July 2006

A brochure on Obstacles to Human Rights in the Holy City published as part of a campaign that included tours and briefings.

Routing the Separation Barrier to Enable the Expansion of Israeli Settlements in the West Bank
Joint report with Bimkom - Planners for Planning Rights
December 2005

The report deals with the route of the separation barrier showing that the route was based on considerations relating to settlement expansion and control of land, and not on security reasons, as the government has continuously claimed.

Violence, Harassment and Lawlessness Toward Palestinians in the Southern Hebron Hills
July 2005

For the past five years, Israel has been trying to expel some one thousand Palestinians who have maintained the way of life of their ancestors in the southern Hebron hills.

The Fatal Shooting of Palestinians by Israeli Security Forces during “Arrest Operations”
May 2005

The report raises the strong suspicion that during the past year the military engaged in assassinations in the guise of arrest operations.

Freedom of Movement to and from the Gaza Strip on the Eve of the Disengagement Plan
Joint report with Hamoked - Center for the Defence of the Individual
March 2005

For the past four and a half years, Israel has severely restricted freedom of movement to and from the Gaza Strip. These restrictions further strangled the Gaza Strip, so much so that the area resembles one gigantic prison. The report warns against Israel's attempt to avoid its responsibility toward residents of the Gaza Strip following disengagement.

Israel's Punitive House Demolitions in the al-Aqsa Intifada
November 2004
The Discriminatory West Bank Road Regime
August 2004
Preventing Palestinians Access to their Lands West of the Separation Barrier in the Tulkarm-Qalqiliya Area
June 2004
The Isolation of Sheikh Sa'ad Village – Before and After the Separation Barrier
February 2004
Family Unification and Child Registration in East Jerusalem
Joint report with Hamoked - Center for the Defence of the Individual
January 2004
The Delay, Abuse and Humiliation of Medical Personnel by Israeli Security Forces
Joint report with Physicians for Human Rights - Israel
December 2003
Life under the Threat of Expulsion
September 2003
Settlements Cause Mass Departure of Palestinians
August 2003
Background and Monitoring Recommendations for Provisions Concerning Human Rights
June 2003