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Settler violence: Lack of accountability

Badi'a 'Odeh, 68, in hospital after being attacked by settlers. Photo by Salma a-Deb'i, B'Tselem, 22 April '17
June 8
April 25
Residents and police in the neighborhood of Batan al-Hawa. Photo by Hussam ‘Abed, B’Tselem, 29 Nov. 2016
December 21
Sleep deprivation, one of the “special measures”. Illustration by Ishai Mishory.
December 15
Still from video: Palestinians and settlers throw stones at each other, while soldiers standing near the settlers fire tear-gas canisters at the Palestinians. Filmed by Ayat al-Ja’bri at 12:57 P.M. on 9 Oct. 2015.
October 20
"Vengeance" - Graffiti in Duma this morning. Photo: Yusef Diriyah, B'Tselem volunteer
July 31
An uprooted olive seedling. Photo: Nasser Nawaj'ah, B'Tselem, 26 Feb. 2015
February 26
Still from video: One of the settlers chucks a Palestinian grocer’s egg cartons.
December 8