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Gaza Strip

Muhammad Baker, 25. photo courtesy of the family
June 22
June 13
Ahmad Shbeir's photo in his room. Photo by Muhammad Sabah, B'Tselem, 23 Jan. 2017
March 15
Iman Shanan, director of the program. Still from video.
March 13
Women wait on Palestinian side of Erez Checkpoint to be allowed into Israel. Photo by Muhammad Sabah, B'Tselem, 28 Feb. 2017
February 28
Yara ‘Ashur, a medical student in Gaza, studies by the light of a battery-powered lamp. Photo by Khaled al-‘Azayzeh, B’Tselem, 23 Jan. 2017
February 20
Fishermen at Gaza's fishing port. Photo by Suhaib Salem, Reuters, 4 April 2016
January 29
Palestinian women walk along unlit street in Gaza during power blackout. Photo by Mohammed Salem, Reuters, 11 Jan. 2017
January 17
Palestinian protesters flee Israeli gunfire during protest near the Gaza Strip perimeter fence east of Gaza City. Photo by Mohammed Salem, Reuters, 20 Nov. 2015
December 21
’Abd a-Rahman a-Dabagh using a slingshot several hours before he was killed.
October 5
Food distribution in Gaza, 5 July 2006. Photo by Ibraheem Abu Mustafa, Gaza.
August 23
Reality check: Almost fifty years of occupation
June 5